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      About CNE

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      Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co. Ltd (hereafter indicated as CNE) locates in Nanyang city, Henan province, is the largest scientific research and production base of explosion-proof motors in China, the national export base for elect

      Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co. Ltd (hereafter indicated as CNE) locates in Nanyang city, Henan province, is the largest scientific research and production base of explosion-proof motors in China, the national export base for electro-mechanic products, and the national innovation enterprise as well as the chairman member of Ex motors branch of CEEIA.

      Its main products include various explosion-proof motors, general-purpose motors, motor/generators, light-weighted generators, Ex-blowers, explosion-proof electric apparatus as well as monitoring instruments with total 218 series, 2388 varieties and 96233 specifications, covering motors from 0.12kW to 100MW applicable for many industries like petroleum, coal mine, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, military industry, nuclear power and so on. The annual production capability is 10 million kW registered trademark is “CNE”.

      CNE owns 5 subsidiaries, locating in 3 cities, Nanyang, Shanghai and Chenzhou. Mr. Wei Huajun is the president and legal representative of the company.

      The company has kept double figures increasing in main economic indexes during the past ten years. Since CNE’s ownership became ownership in 2004, the leap-forward development has been achieved for year running. CNE’s comprehensive economic efficiency index has been listed in the front rank of the same industry in China.  CNE has been listed in Top 500 of China Most Competitive Corporations Group, Top 500 Enterprises of China Machinery Industry and Top 100 Enterprise of China Electrical Industry.

      With continuous independent innovation, lots of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights were developed in CNE to have filled in a number of gaps in Chinese domestic market.

      The first high voltage medium-size explosion proof motor in China successfully developed in 1973 has been safely operated for 35 years at site. CNE is the first one in the same industry of China to have obtained the design & manufacturing license for series motors of both nuclear island and outside application after passing the license review on nuclear-grade motors from National Nuclear Security Administration. In 2005, the world largest 8800kw-20P safety-increased brushless excitation synchronous motors was developed and applied in the coal direct liquefaction project in Shenhua Group, which is the first industrialization production scale in the world.

      The exported NEMA premium efficiency motors, XPA series high efficiency motors , PPA series low voltage large capacity & high efficiency three phase induction motors are all in the international leading level. QFW series brushless excitation synchronous generators are complying with the international advanced technology level and have been exported to international market in batch with CNE brand. The variable speed double feed induction wind generators were successfully developed by CNE to reach the domestic leading level. The YAXn, YBXn, YXn series high efficiency motors was the first products awarded the national energy-saving product certificate in China motor industry. The cast copper rotor ultra-efficiency motor was tested by the laboratory accredited by NVLAP in USA and achieved the highest energy efficiency rating IE4 in the world, which means CNE become the 2nd company after Siemens, to have develop IE4 efficiency level motors in the world.

      The A6M series high voltage medium-size motors which combined the absorption of introduction and innovation by CNE reached the international advanced level and lead development trend for high voltage medium-sized motor in Chinese domestic market. Series BDK high efficiency & energy saving explosion proof disrotatory type main fan was gained the award of National Key & New Product and was listed in the Torch Program. All the dominant products in CNE are developed with the trendy of high-end, large-sized, energy-saving and integration.

      CNE has taken the product quality as the core competition. CNE brand Ex-motors have been awarded as the China Top Brand Products and the output from 1 to 1000 kW motors gained the national exemption certificate of product quality. The company obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO10012 Calibration System Certificate, OHS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. It is the first manufacturer in China to get the production license for Ex-motors. All the products for coal mines application are certified and marked with coal-mina safety logo and the marine duty motors are certified by China Ship Certificate Authority. The export products gained the certificates of UL and CC of USA, CSA of Canada, ATEX and CE of EU, NEMKO of Norway, SABS of South Africa and TESTSAFE of Australia etc. Thus, CNE obtained the most international certificates in the same industry in China.

      CNE has strong research and development capability and owns the national identified enterprise technical center, national accredited laboratory and post-doctoral scientific research station. It possesses 560 experienced engineers including 210 specialists at medium & senior professional title. CNE has participated the drawing-up or revision of 1 international standard, 12 of national standard and 39 of industrial standard. It gained 104 national patents including 9 patents for invention, 7 state key & high-tech products, 3 state Torch-plan products, 1 state technology supporting plan product, 8 provincial high-tech award products as well as undertaking the task of 4 sciences and technology research for province and 1 for Sinopec.

      CNE has established long term cooperation with many famous universities and institutions in China, such as Qinghua university, Xian Jiaotong University, Beijing Technology University, Nanyang Explosion Proof Electric Research Institution etc. Meanwhile, the company has conducted many technical exchanges and introduction from many international famous companies and institutions, such as GE America, Siemens and LDW German, PPI UK as well as International Copper Association etc.

      CNE possesses the domestic fist-class manufacturing facilities including heavy-duty digital lathe, large-sized floor-type milling & boring machine, large-sized key slot milling machine, digital winding machine, digital coil spanning machine, digital coil taping machine, digital high-speed punching machine, high pressure die-casting machine, induction brazing machine, VF3 machining center, advanced resin sand molding line and automatic welding equipment etc. All of these advanced facilities provide reliable hardware guarantee for the manufacturing of all products’ key parts.

      With the special inspection and test capability of spectral analysis, mechanical properties inspection, ultrasonic wave inspection, magnetic particle inspection, color penetrant inspection and iron loss test etc, the intrinsic quality of the key parts can be controlled effectively. The introduced balancing and rotor over-speed test facilities with technology from Schenck German as well as the domestic first-class vibration spectral analysis can meet the balancing and precision requirement of the motor rotor dynamic balancing. Advanced VPI vacuum pressure impregnation insulation system for motor insulation treatment can meet the high standard requirement of heat resistance, high voltage resistance, anti-shock and anti-corona. With the domestic largest 7500KVA test unit, the test can be carried out comply with IEEE-112B standards in USA and the testing standards are in line with the international test standards.

      As one of the first batch of information technology business model in Henan province, the width and depth of integration of informatization and industrialization in CNE lists in the leading position in the same industry in China. The information system covers all the professional management in the company and directly supports the company’s management and control system. It is the working and command platform for all professional management. It takes the role of central nervous system in the company.

      CNE has established strategic cooperation partnership with GE Energy & Oil and Gas, Dresser-Rand etc. The sales network covers all the world and the products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions. CNE was awarded as AAA the highest credit rating by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export.

      On May 11th, 2008, Mr. Wei Jiabao, Primer Minster of the State, inspected the company and encouraged CNE to make persistent efforts to create international famous brand in order to keep the leader forever.

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